According to a 2013 report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2010, 4,280 pedestrians were killed in traffic crashes in the United States, and another 70,000 pedestrians were injured. This averages to one crash-related pedestrian death every 2 hours, and a pedestrian injury every 8 minutes.

The problem of pedestrian accidents is especially significant in New York City, where walking is the main mode of transportation for millions of people. Pedestrians have, for example, been hit while in a crosswalk, struck while getting out of a bus or car, or sideswiped by an automobile. Too often, the accident occurs because drivers are not attentive to pedestrians and not looking carefully in the direction they are going.

Accidents involving automobiles are not the only type of pedestrian accident that can cause serious injuries. Slips, trips and falls due to unsafe conditions inside a building or outside on the street, sidewalk or in a parking lot can also result in debilitating injuries.

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