Beth Brandenberg, 48, Freehold, NJ

“My husband was killed by a doctor who botched his surgery. I was terrified to sue the doctor, and by the possibility of having to go through a trial. But friends and family talked me into it. And, I knew my late husband wanted me to sue the doctor. I interviewed six law firms and chose Simonson Goodman Platzer PC. I knew they were the right firm for me when I met Mr. Simonson. At the end of our discussion he said to me: ‘If we go through with this law suit, I will make your husband Bill a human being and not just another victim of medical malpractice.’ ”

Paul and his team, in particular Marijo Adimey, one of the firm’s partners, always made sure I was comfortable. When I was upset, she calmed me down. Marijo took every one of my phone calls. To get that level of attention for 4 long years was incredible. It’s what got me through it. They always told me the truth and what to expect every step along the way. Marijo knew I was dreading going to court. She gave me strength by telling me we’ll do whatever we have to do. I truly admired how she, and the firm, handled my case.

Considering the complexities of the case, I was very satisfied with the outcome. We settled the case before going to trial. As a result of the settlement, I was able to accomplish something for my late husband. Something I knew he believed we deserved. He knew the doctor did something terribly wrong.

Because of the size of the settlement, I don’t ever have to worry about losing my job. My bills are caught up. I look at the money and know that my retirement is taken care of.”