New York Gastric Banding Malpractice Attorneys

Gastric banding surgery has become a popular alternative to gastric bypass surgery for people who need to lose weight, since it is done laparoscopically and does not involve any cutting or stapling inside your abdomen. In addition, it takes only one half hour to an hour for an experienced surgeon to perform.

However, what seems simple – your surgeon placing a band around the upper part of your stomach to create a small pouch – can be very complicated. In addition to the common risks associated with any surgery, the risks following gastric banding include:

  • Your gastric band can slip out of place or erode through the stomach.
  • Your stomach lining can become inflamed.
  • Your stomach or other organs can be injured.
  • Your bowel can become blocked from scarring.
  • Your esophagus can become dilated if you overeat.
  • Your overall health can suffer from poor nutrition.


Time to Contact a New York Gastric Banding Malpractice Attorney

All weight loss surgeries are complicated in that they change the way your body functions and change your daily life. Unfortunately, for those who seek the health benefits of weight loss surgery, these expected complications are not their only concern; too many people who have had gastric banding surgery are victims of medical error and neglect.

If you or a family member has had gastric banding surgery and are presently experiencing serious medical problems, including infections, blood clots, nerve damage, organ damage, and neurological problems, you should contact an experienced, knowledgeable gastric banding malpractice attorney to find out what you can do to get help for your pain and suffering.

The medical malpractice attorneys at Simonson Goodman & Platzer are experts in gastric banding malpractice in New York and New Jersey. They understand the problems that can occur during and after surgery, as well as the errors and neglect that could have caused them.

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