New York Gastric Bypass Malpractice Attorneys

People who struggle with weight loss and fail repeatedly at dieting sometimes turn to more drastic measures like gastric bypass (weight loss) surgery. As with any other type of surgery, careless doctors and negligent medical practices can turn this attempt at better health and a healthier lifestyle into a medical nightmare. Patients can experience many problems associated with a New Jersey or New York Gastric Bypass Malpractice and should speak to a NJ or New York Gastric Bypass Attorney as quickly as possible.

Here are the common signs of gastric bypass malpractice:

    • Your doctor failed to respond immediately to your complaints about problems after surgery.
    • You had post-operative leaking that resulted in infection.
    • You experienced excessive pain shortly after the surgery.
    • You were adversely affected by serious complications such as clotting, difficult breathing,
      or kidney problems.
    • Your doctor did not monitor your post-operative recovery.

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Gastric Bypass Malpractice Attorneys with Over 30 Years’ Experience

If your weight loss surgery has taken a turn for the worse and has compromised your health, you should contact Paul Simonson immediately. Mr. Simonson, a partner of our law firm, is one of the country’s leading experts on the subject of gastric bypass surgery malpractice. His accomplishments in the field of gastric bypass surgery malpractice has been acknowledged by Harvard University, where Mr. Simonson has lectured to the doctors who actually perform the weight loss surgery.

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