New York Birth Injury Attorneys

New York Birth Injury Attorneys

The tragedy of cerebral palsy and other birth injuries are most often caused by errors made by doctors and other healthcare workers during prenatal care, labor and delivery. As New York Birth Injury Attorneys with more decades of experience, we’ve seen many of these cases.

Failure to perform a cesarean section, giving mom too much of a drug like Pitocin, careless mistakes with surgical instruments like forceps or vacuum, miscalculating the baby’s size – any and all of these medical mistakes can contribute to a baby being born with cerebral palsy or other serious brain injury. If you’ve been the victim of a birth injury, contact the experienced New York and New Jersey Birth Injury Attorneys today to schedule a free consultation.

Cerebral Palsy

While they share common causes, not all types of cerebral palsy are the same. In fact, there are four types of cerebral palsy:

  • Spastic: the most common type of cerebral palsy, is characterized by spastic, rigid, jerky muscles.
  • Athetoid: the second most common type of cerebral palsy, is characterized by muscle problems all over the body.
  • Ataxic: rarest type of cerebral palsy, affects fine motor skills.
  • Mixed: a type of cerebral palsy in which children present with a combination of the above
    forms or symptoms.

Dealing with the devastation of being told your child has cerebral palsy takes strength that for most parents is almost impossible to summon. In times like these, parents need a New York and New Jersey medical malpractice law firm with in-depth knowledge of both the legal and medical professions. It has been estimated that the lifetime cost to a child with cerebral palsy is almost $1 million dollars, and parents need a shoulder they can lean on through a very difficult period. The New York and New Jersey medical malpractice law firm, Simonson Goodman Platzer PC provides the shoulder and in-depth knowledge parents need, and we never walk away from a client, even after the case is concluded.

Helping Families – Cerebral Palsy and Brain Injury Lawyers

The New York and New Jersey medical malpractice lawyers at Simonson Goodman Platzer PC have been representing victims of cerebral palsy and brain injury for decades. Paul Simonson has recovered money for his clients in 98% of the cases he has managed, with a total dollar recovery of 200 million dollars.

Paul Simonson has consistently been recognized as a “Best Lawyer in America” and as a Super Lawyer in the field of medical malpractice. Under Paul’s leadership, his prior firm was recognized as a “Top Tier” medical malpractice firm. More recently, Paul was also recognized in New Jersey as a Top Rated Lawyer.

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