$87 Million Verdict – One of the Largest Verdicts in New York

The best way to celebrate the 25th anniversary of a top-notch plaintiff’s law firm is with an $87 million verdict, one of the largest verdicts in New York State’s history. That is what Simonson Hess & Leibowitz, P.C. did on March 2004, when top trial lawyer, Steven L. Hess, won $87 million in the Bronx County Supreme Court for a laborer who was left paralyzed as a result of a work accident. “We worked tirelessly to win compensation for our client for the pain that he suffered as a result of his construction accident,” said Steven Hess, one of the founders of Simonson Hess & Leibowitz, P.C. “My partners and I have spent over 30 years of our life fighting tooth and nail for victims of construction accidents, often winning and collecting substantial money damages for construction workers and construction site visitor, who have suffered serious injury or death due to work site accidents.”

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