Sunscreen may cut your cancer risk

With the number of potentially fatal skin cancers diagnoses on the rise, and with young people at higher risk for malignant melanoma, a particularly deadly form of skin cancer, it is vital that we all understand how to properly apply sun screen.

Is a dab enough? How about to or three dabs? The answer: You need about an ounce, or the equivalent of a small shot glass, to do the job right. Make sure you cover not only your face, but your ears, neck, chest, feet, and hands. Be smart- use a broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF 30, even if you are not fair skinned.  And don’t forget a lip balm with at least SPF 15.

Think the sunscreen in your make-up is enough. Think again. Most sunscreens found in make-up don’t fully protect the skin, and often not enough make-up is applied to really do the job.

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